20 flashcards of irregular verbs changing from O-UE

You have probably come across irregular verbs like poder (to be able), dormir (to sleep), that change the «o» in the infinitive for an «ue» in the present tense: puedo, duermo… There are many, this is why today we present the 20 most common verbs in this group with our flashcards  It will be enough you work five minutes every day during the week to memorize the flashcards, although it will be good if you come back from time to time to make a quick revision. When you finish with the verbs, you can also click on the link to learn more about how to conjugate the stem-changing verbs.

Check if you have learned the 20 previous verbs

Answer the questions in this mini-test, if feel you need to review a little more the vocabulary, come back to the flashcards above

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