20 flashcards to learn verbs related to cooking (A2)

Do you like cooking? Today we introduce to you 20 news verbs related to cooking that you can learn with flashcards. It will be enough you work five minutes every day during the week to memorize the flashcards, although it will be good if you come back from time to time to make a quick revision. When you finish with the verbs, you can also click on the link to learn the name of some kitchen utilities

Make sure you have learned the verbs related to cooking, with this mini-test

Answer the questions in this mini-test about cooking verbs, if feel you need to review a little more, come back to the flashcards.

Cooking a Spanish omelette (tortilla de patata)

Here you have a video with a Spanish omelette recipe (la receta de la tortilla de patata), in which many of the verbs you have learned above are used, can you find them in the video? Visit Canal Cocina, if you want to practice with more Spanish recipes.



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