20 Spanish adjectives ending in O with flashcards (A1)

Practice, as much as you can, these 20 Spanish adjectives ending in O with the Spanish-English Flashcards. 

Tip: repeat aloud each adjective after listen to it, to improve your pronunciation.

Make sure you have learned the previous  20 Spanish adjectives with this mini-test.

Spanish adjectives in O agreement with the noun

Spanish adjectives ending in o
Un coche rojo y muy caro.

Adjectives in Spanish have to agree with the gender and number of the name they are describing. Spanish adjectives ending in O change this for an «a» to make the feminine. All of them and always!

El pájaro blanco (the white bird).

La flor blanca (the white flower)

Los edificios blancos (the white buildings).

Las nubes blancas (the white clouds).

Notice that  Spanish adjectives are placed normally after the nouns. You can also use verb SER (to be) to describe:

El pájaro es blanco (the bird is white).

Las nubes son blancas (the clouds are white).

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