Clothing in Spanish -La ropa- Spanish vocabulary A1

Do you know how to speak about CLOTHING IN SPANISH?

Clothing in Spanish, vocabulary with quizzesClothing in Spanish is said, «LA ROPA« (feminine and always singular because is a collective word). First, if you want a copy of the pdf sheet, just leave us a message in the comments and we will send it to you, and learn the vocabulary, after that practice with our quizzes below. 

You can also listen to the podcast «Comprando ropa«, to see how this vocabulary work in context, this audio will allow you to work with the numbers too, so I find it especially useful.


How to describe your wardrobe in Spanish

If you want to describe any piece of clothing that you have in your wardrobe in Spanish or you do shopping, follow these tips:

  • Size is translated into Spanish as «la talla»
  • Colors are adjectives and must after the noun and agree in gender an number: una camisa blanca (a white shirt), unos pantalones azules (a blue trouser)…
  • Materials must be joint with the preposition «de«:  una corbata de seda (a silk tie)...
  • Patterns are also joined with the preposition «de«: un vestido de flores ( a floral dress)…

Spanish clothes vocabulary activities

Time to practice what you have learned with these quizzes, but remember to contact your tutor with any question you have or to ask for more homework about clothes in Spanish. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?

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