COMO or CÓMO differences and examples

COMO  or CÓMO has a number of meanings in Spanish. Do you want to learn all of them?

1..The most well know are probably  I eat or I have lunch

Como mucha  fruta, especialmente sandia (I eat a lot of fruit, especially watermelon).

Normalmente como a las 2:00 (I usually eat at 2:00).

2. It is translated as how when used with estar and action verbs.

¿Cómo estás? (How are you?)

No sé cómo haces eso (I don’t know how you do that).

3. It is translated as what… like when used with ser.

¿Cómo eres? (What are you like?)

4. It can mean like in the sense of approximately/about/more or less.

Ella tiene como treinta años (She is about thirty years old).

5. It can also mean since in the sense of because.

Como eres joven, no puedes ir con nosotros (Since you’re so young, you can’t come with us.)

6. And it can mean just like.

Eres como una hermana para mí (You’re just like a sister to me).

Remember, you can contact your tutor with any questions you have about when to use «como or cómo». Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?

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