DAR conjugation and expressions, Spanish grammar (A2)

Spanish verb DAR (to give)

Spanish verb DAR (to give) usually trouble students because it is irregular in the present and preterite tense and also can be found in many colloquial expressions that are difficult to understand in English.

Click on the link to learn full conjugation of dar in the different tenses. Below you can find some colloquial expressions with dar (translated into English) that you are going to find very useful. Finally, practice everything that you have learned with our quizzes.


Spanish expressions with verb DAR

  • dar a entender que (to imply that)
  • dar a luz un niño (to give birth)
  • dar a uno de puñetazos (to punch someone)
  • dar algo/a alguien por perdido (to give something/someone up for lost)
  • dar asco (to disgust)
  • dar calabazas (to jilt, to flunk)
  • dar carta blanca a alguien (to give someone carte blanche / free rein)
  • dar de sí (to have give, be able to stretch)
  • dar ejemplo  (to set an example)
  • dar gritos (to shout)
  • dar guerra (to make trouble)
  • dar los buenos días a alguien (to say hello to someone)
  • dar las gracias (to thank)
  • dar la hora (to strike the hour)
  • dar la lata (to make a nuisance of oneself)
  • dar permiso (to grant permission)
  • dar por sentado (to take for granted, consider settled)
  • dar rienda suelta a (to give free rein to)
  • dar un abrazo (to hug, embrace)
  • dar un paseo (to take a walk, ride)
  • dar una vuelta (to take a walk, ride)
  • dar vueltas a algo (to think something over)
  • darse a la bebida (to take to drink)
  • darse a conocer (to make a name for oneself)
  • darse cuenta de algo (to realise)
  • darse la mano (to shake hands)
  • darse por vencido (to give up, acknowledge defeat)
  • darse prisa (to hurry)
  • dársela con queso a uno -informal- (to fool/trick someone)
  • A mí no me la das -informal- (You can’t fool me)
  • lo mismo da (it’s all the same, it makes no difference)
  • lo mismo me da, me da igual (it’s all the same to me)
  • no se me da mal (I’m not doing too badly)
  • Por si vienen mal dadas (In case of emergency, for a rainy day)
  • ¡Qué más da! (Never mind! It doesn’t matter!)
  • ¡Y dale! (There he goes again!)

Conjugation of DAR crossword

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