Learn Spanish numbers 1-10

Here you have 10 activities that will help you to learn and memorize Spanish numbers 1-10. Well, actually 0 is also included. Repeat the quizzes as many times as you need until you feel confident using them.

The first one is quite easy to do, you have to match the numbers and figures. Pay attention to the spelling of each Spanish number.

Numbers from 0 to 10 in Spanish

Numbers in Spanish from 0 to 10 are the most important and the ones you will use more often. So practice as much as you can. First, you have to click on the link to put numbers in order, in the second one you will have to click on the letters to find the hidden numbers.

Listen to the numbers

Now we have a listening activity. Listen to each audio and match it with the correct number. Repeat the numbers you listen to and practice the pronunciation.

Crossword with Spanish numbers

Time to write, fill the crossword with the Spanish numbers from 0 to 10. Pay attention to the spelling.

Finally, click on the link if you want to learn more about Spanish numbers.

Spanish numbers 1-10
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