List of Spanish verbs followed by preposition DE

In Spanish, many verbs must be followed by a preposition, which may or may not correspond to the preposition (if any) used in English. The following is a list of some Spanish verbs which require “de” when followed by an infinitive.

 List of Spanish verbs followed by preposition DE

Aburrise deTo get bored with
Acabar deTo have just
Acordarse deTo remember
Alegrarse deTo be pleased about
Asombrarse deTo be surprised at
Asustarse deTo be frightened at
Avergonzarse deTo be ashamed of
Bajarse de (tren, autobús, coche…)To get off (bus, train, car..)
Burlarse deTo make fun of
Cansarse deTo tire of
Cuidar deTo look after
Darse cuenta deTo realise
Dejar deTo stop
Despedirse deTo say goodbye to
Encargarse deTo take charge of
Ocuparse deTo take care of
Olvidarse deTo forget
Quejarse deTo complain about
Reírse deTo laugh at
Tener ganas deTo feel like
Tener miedo deTo be afraid of
Tener necesidad deTo need to
Terminar deTo stop
Tratar deTo try to

Other uses of the preposition DE

The preposition DE is one of the most used in Spanish, here are other uses.

How to use Spanish preposition DE

Now that you know more about preposition DE  why don’t you learn more about verbs with prepositions A.

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