ON THE STREET (en la calle): Spanish vocabulary

In today’s post, we are going to work with Spanish vocabulary related to things that we can find on the street.

They are very common words that we use every day and that will help you to describe a place or, for example, when we want to go to a place or explain how to do it.

We present the Spanish vocabulary “en la calle”, in a useful infographic that you can see on the right. As on other occasions, if you want to receive a pdf copy of the infographic on the street, you just have to leave us a message in the comments.

On the street Spanish vocabulary

At the end of this post, you will find some exercises to practice this vocabulary.

On the street, list of Spanish vocabulary

Remember that when you study new vocabulary, it is very important that you also learn the gender of the words, for them you must remember them along with an article, as we have done on the list below.

La acera (sidewalk/pavement)
La alcantarilla (drain/gutter)
El banco (bench)
La cabina telefónica (phone booth/phone box)
La calzada (road/roadway)
El contenedor (trash can/rubbish bin)
La estación de metro (subway/underground station)
La estatua (statue)
El farol/la farola (streetlight/lampost) 
La papelera (bin)
La parada de autobús (bus stop)
La parada de taxi (taxi rank)
El parquímetro (parking meter)
La rotonda (traffic circle/roundabout)
El semáforo (trafic light)
La señal de tráfico (trafic sign)

Practice the vocabulary “en la calle”

If you have already worked with the vocabulary, it is time to practice everything you have learned and check your knowledge. For this, we have designed some fun word games.

To learn more

Do not forget to consult any questions you have with your tutor. Don’t have an online Spanish tutor yet? Now you are confident using the vocabulary “on the street”, you can use it together with the adverbs of place to say where things are and watch the video:  ¿Dónde está la niña? (Where is the little girl?).

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