Public Services in Spanish: Los servicios pĂșblicos

Today we are going to learn the vocabulary related to public services in Spanish – los servicios pĂșblicos-, and that can be found in any big city in the world.

Like other times, to present the vocabulary, we have an infographic that you can see on the right.

I am sure you will find this vocabulary very useful. As you probably already know, students registered in our Premium Service can receive a PDF copy of the sheet just by leaving a message in the comments.

In addition, we have also prepared some activities and word games that will help you memorize the vocabulary of public services in Spanish, in a fun way. You can find them below.

Public services in Spanish

List of public services in Spanish

Here is the list of public services in Spanish, with English translation:

  • La oficina de correos (post office)
  • La comisarĂ­a de policĂ­a (police station)
  • El juzgado (court/tribunal)
  • El hospital (hospital)
  • El parque de bomberos (fire station)
  • La biblioteca (library)

It is also important that you learn some professions related to these places:

  • El cartero/la cartera (mailman/postman/postwoman)
  • El policĂ­a/la policĂ­a (policeman/ policewoman)
  • El juez/la jueza (judge)
  • El magistrado/la magistrada (magistrate)
  • El fiscal/la fiscal (distric attorney/public prosecutor)
  • El mĂ©dico/la mĂ©dica (doctor)
  • El enfermero/la enfermera (nurse)
  • El bombero/la bombera (firefighter)
  • El bibliotecario/la bibliotecaria (librarĂ­an)

Practice the vocabulary related to public services

Now it’s time to practice what you’ve learned, for this, we have some interactive exercises and word games. Repeat them as many times as you need until you memorize the vocabulary of public services in Spanish. Finally, contact your tutor if you have any questions. Don’t you have an online Spanish tutor yet?

To learn more

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