¿QUÉ DEPORTE PRACTICAS?: Vídeo con subtítulos A1

In today’s lesson we are going to talk about sports «deportes«, but above all we will learn to talk about the things that we like (nos gustan), those that we prefer (preferimos) or those that are important (es importante) or necessary  (es necesario) to do.

For this we have a video with subtitles in which a group of young people tell us about their preferences in sport. Answer the questions in the quizzes below and prepare you writing task.

Me gustan los deportes (I like sports)

Before watching the video you can review how to use the verb «gustar», by clicking on the link.  Wath the video, review the examples below and practice what you have learned with our  test.

Here are some examples with the verbs that we have seen in the video. Look at the grammatical structure:

  • Me gusta practicar deporte (I like to practice sports).
  • No me gusta nada el rugby (I don’t like rugby at all).
  • Me gusta correr en el parque, pero prefiero jugar al fútbol con mis amigos (I like to run in the park, but I prefer to play soccer with my friends).
  • Me encanta hacer yoga (I love doing yoga).
  • Es importante practicar deporte regularmente (It is important to practice sports regularly).
  • Es necesario beber agua mientras practicamos deporte (It is necessary to drink water while doing sports).

Before starting the test, it would be good for you to learn more about sports in Spanish.

Now time tor practice what you have learned. To answer the questions in this test you need to have seen the video above, and have practiced with the two links that we have indicated before. Don’t forget to check with your Spanish tutor any questions you have about grammar and vocabulary in this lesson. Don’t you have an online Spanish teacher yet?

Tarea escrita (writing test)

Write an essay in Spanish, of about 200 words, talking about which sports you like the most and why. Which ones you practice and how often you do it and which ones you like to watch on television. Send the text to your tutor for correction. Don’t you have a personal  Spanish tutor yet?

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