Spanish alphabet (maps)

Let’s practice the sounds of the Spanish alphabet with an interactive map (one of my favorite activities, by the way). It’s very easy and effective, just mark the letter you hear and repeat them, as many time as you want.

Spanish alphabet song

The letters of the alphabet may sound a little different depending on the Spanish-speaking countries you are working with. In the activity above, it is the pronunciation of Spain, while in the song below it is the form of some countries in America. The song is for children, but it will surely be useful for you.

The differences are mainly in letters: V, W and Y. Can you notice them?

Spell in Spanish

Spelling in Spanish will be one of the activities that you have to do the most, especially at the beginning, for this, it is important that you familiarize yourself well with the Spanish alphabet by repeating the above exercise several times.

This image can help you too.

Spanish alphabet

Contact your tutor if you have any question about how to say letters and spelling Spanish. Don’t you have an online Spanish tutor yet?

You can find more activities about spelling in Teachers Pay Teachers. But, please, let us know if you want we prepare more activities about this topic too.





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  • el a las
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    Hey as a Spanish-Speaker the Alphabet is just plain wrong. and it’s “El Alfabeto” not el “Alphabeto”

  • el a las
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    Muchas gracias por avisarnos de la errata en el título de una de la actividades, que ya ha sido corregida.

  • el a las
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    Muchas gracias, ya hemos subsanado la errata que nos indicabas, espero que el resto de la actividad te haya sido de utilidad.

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