Spanish alphabet pronunciation

The Spanish alphabet (el abecedario or el alfabeto in Spanish) has 27 letters, one more than in the English one because it is included «Ñ». Keep in mind that it is a very important letter because words like España, español, año (year) or niño (child)  contain it.

Nevertheless, in the image below you can notice that there are 29, this is because «ll» and «ch» have been included, there are not actually letters, but as they have a very specific sound we thought it would be good for you to take them into account. You can find them in words as popular as «chorizo» or «paella«.

The spanish alphabet pronunciation

By the way, all the letters are feminine in Spanish: la a, la b…

Spanish alphabet pronunciation

To begin with, we have a video in which you can listen to how the Spanish alphabet sounds, read by a native speaker. Repeat several times that will help you, not only to pronounce the Spanish letters correctly but also to identify them when you hear them. Remember,  practice makes perfect!

Let's practice "EL ABECEDARIO"

Let’s practice the sounds of the Spanish alphabet with an interactive map (one of my favorite activities, by the way). It’s very easy and effective, just mark the letter you hear and repeat them, as many times as you want.

Spelling in Spanish

Spelling in Spanish will be one of the activities that you have to do the most, especially at the beginning, for this, it is important that you familiarize yourself well with the Spanish alphabet by repeating the above exercise several times.

Once you feel more confident about how the Spanish alphabet sounds, you can practice everything you have learned with 10 spelling games in Spanish    You have to click on the link. I am quite sure you will find them terribly useful!

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