Spanish conversation lessons for beginners

The Spanish conversation lessons for beginner students aim to practice communication skills (listening and speaking). The idea is that the student works with the material we provide them on their own, does the exercises, asks questions to their personal online tutor before the class, and then practices what they have learned during the corresponding  conversation class.

How the Spanish conversation lessons work

Spanish conversation classes are part of our free Spanish course for beginners. Lessons last 45 minutes are done over Zoom. They can be done individually or in small groups (between 1 to 6 students). Premium member   can attend two classes in a group each month completely free, the only requirement is that they register 48 hours in advance.

Conversation classes in Spanish: topics and agenda

Below you can see the list of Spanish conversation lessons that are scheduled for the next few weeks (London Time). Once registered as premium student you will receive the monthly list of lessons and topic  with the time zone of your city.

We always ask our students to suggest days of the week, times, topics, to be included in the list.

Keep in mind that if you register for the premium service, you can participate in 2 conversation classes, in a group, every months, and even repeat them if you wish. You can also ask for an individual lesson if you prefer. The cost will be 20 euros, and you will decide the day, time  and topic of your lesson.

 Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us  if you need further information about our Spanish conversation classes online.

Las clases de conversación de español para estudiantes principiantes comenzarán de nuevo el 1 de octubre. Publicaremos en breve la agenda para las lecciones.

Time Zone for Spanish conversation lessons

Lessons are shown on the GMT UTC+0 Time Zone in winter (London time). Here you have, time difference with some main World cities:

  • Los Angeles: -8 horas
  • Mexico City: -6 horas
  • New York: -5 horas
  • São Paulo: -2 horas
  • London: Not difference in time.
  • Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Roma: +1 hora
  • Mumbai: +5:30 horas
  • Hong Kong: +8 horas
  • Tokyo: +9 horas
  • Sydney: +11 horas
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