Spanish conversation: mini FREE classes

The FREE mini  Spanish conversation classes last 30 minutes and their aim is practicing communication skills (listening and speaking). The idea is that the student works with the material on their own, does the exercises, asks questions to their personal online tutor before the class, and then practices what they have learned during the corresponding mini conversation class.

FREE Spanish conversation classes in small groups Talk Spanish Mini conversation classes are done over Skype, Google+, Zoom, etc. Between 1 to 6 students can take part in these, and they are FREE. The only requirements to participate are: be a premium member, register for the class at least 48 hours in advance (so you have time to prepare the lesson), and be eager to speak Spanish.

Go below to find out dates, schedules, and topics of the classes, and to register, the list of classes is updated regularly.  We always ask about premium students to suggest days of the week, schedules, and topics, to be included in the lessons. You can ask to receive the monthly list of lessons of your level by email, with the time zone of your city.

Keep in mind that if you register for the premium service, you can participate in as many mini conversation classes as you want, and even repeat them if you wish. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you need further information about our FREE mini Spanish conversation classes. 

List of mini Spanish conversation classes

Remember that you must choose a lesson according to your level and that it is important to prepare the class in advance (click on the title to see the recommended activities). Also, you need to download the worksheet to have with you during the lesson. Once there are six students registered this class becomes closed, if you are not going to be able to attend a lesson, please let us know, so another student can take your place. Contact us if you have any question.

miércoles24-April23:00112Say what you like or dislike.A1closeddownload worksheet
viernes26-April08:00201Contar de las últimas vacaciones.A2closeddownload worksheet
domingo28-April18:00109Ask and say the time.A1closeddownload worksheet
lunes29-April19:00210Preguntar y dar instrucciones para llegar a un lugar.A2openeddownload worksheet
miércoles01-May23:00101Greeting and introduce oneself.A1openeddownload worksheet
domingo05-May18:00302Opinar: creo que, no creo queB1openeddownload worksheet


Time Zone for Spanish conversation practice

Lessons are shown on the GMT UTC+0 Time Zone in winter. Here you have, time difference with some main World cities:

  • Los Angeles: -8 horas
  • Mexico City: -6 horas
  • New York: -5 horas
  • São Paulo: -2 horas
  • London: Not difference in time.
  • Berlin, Frankfurt, Paris, Madrid, Roma: +1 hora
  • Mumbai: +5:30 horas
  • Hong Kong: +8 horas
  • Tokyo: +9 horas
  • Sydney: +11 horas