SBC Exercises Module 02: Familias

In this module, we have learned to talk about the family, and to use the possessives. Identify where some objects are in a living room, plural or words, big numbers and to say and ask the time. Once you have done the lesson, start practicing with these activities.

Module 02: Unit A ¿Estás casado?

 😛 In this memory game, you have to find (encontrar) some family members in English and match them  (relacionarlos) with their Spanish translation (traducción). 

Match (relaciona) the questions (preguntas) with the corresponding answers (respuestas).

Fill the gaps (rellena los huecos) in the sentences (frases) with the Spanish verbs SER, TENER and LLAMARSE that appear below.  🙄

Transform the sentences into plural as in the example. 💡 

Put the letters (letras)  in order to discover (descubrirthe correct conjugation of the verbs above (arriba).

Complete the crossword (crucigrama), writing (escribiendo) the numbers in Spanish from 20 to 29 (accents cannot be written). 😀 

Module 2: Unit B¿Dónde están mis gafas?

 🙄 Match (relaciona) the objects in the pictures above with their  Spanish name

Match the adverbs and prepositions of place (adverbios y preposiciones de lugar) with their images.

Fill in the gaps in the sentences by writing the correct adverbs and prepositions. 🙄 

Fill in the gaps, with the missing possessive adjectives (adjetivos posesivos). 💡 

Fill in the gaps with the missing demonstratives (ESTE, ESTA, ESTOS, ESTAS). DO NOT forget (no olvides) to pay attention (prestar atención) to the gender of the accompanying words. 😎 

Módule 2: Unit C ¿Qué hora es?

Match the two columns with the time (la hora). 

Click on the phone number (número de teléfono) you hear. 😆 

Write  (escribe) the figures (cifras) on the left with their Spanish transcription. 🙂 

Put the words (palabras) in the correct order to create sentences (frases). 💡 

Fill in the gaps in the sentences with the missing demonstratives (este, esta, estos, estas) and possessives (mi, tu, su…)

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