Spanish numbers 1-30

Spanish numbers 1-30 have a peculiarity: they are all written in only one word. They are also especially useful because we use them when we want to say what time it is in Spanish.

Today we present a word game to practice some of these numbers with an activity in which you have to drag letters to form the name of numbers. Pay special attention to the diphthongs.

Before starting with the activity, you can click on the link if you what to review how Spanish numbers work   . Now it’s time to start working or playing.

Exercices with Spanish numbers 1-30

In these exercises, you will have to put in order the letters to form the correct name of the numbers 1-30.

I hope you enjoy the activity and you find it useful, remember you can repeat the activity as many times as you want until you feel confident using these numbers.

Number from 0 to 30 in Spanish

Here you have all of them, pay special attention to the spelling, when you write them and when you read them and don’t forget the ortographic accents.

Quizzes with Spanish numbers from 0 to 30

Of course, we are not going to forget «CERO». By the way, do you know the expression “ser un cero a la izquierda”?  I hope you can use Spanish numbers from 1 to 30 more confidently.

More about Spanish numbers

Remember you can contact your tutor with any question you have about Spanish Numbers 0-30. Don`t you have a Spanish tutor yet? Also, if you want to work more with numbers and practice them you book an individual online tutorship.

Anyway, in our blog, you will also find many other activities free to practice numbers.

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