EL AMIGO DE CARMEN: podcast 017 (A1)

Carmen is married to a millionaire but she has decided to abandon him and run away. His husband is trying to discover she has gone alone, asking the butler, this is what the podcast is about.

First read the statement below, after that listen to the audio and decide if the statements below are true or false. Just try to pick up the relevant information, don’t worry if you don’t understand everything.

 If you want, you can review first the adjectives to describe people. Finally, check your answers and read the transcription.

1. Escucha el audio y decide si estás afirmaciones son Verdaderas o Falsas:

  1. Carmen estaba triste.
  2. El mayordomo no conoce al hombre.
  3. El hombre es moreno y tiene el pelo rizado.
  4. El hombre tiene los ojos azules.
  5. El hombre es mayor.
  6. El hombre tiene barba y bigote.
  7. El hombre es guapo.
  8. El hombre es uno de sus guardaespaldas (bodyguards).

2. Listen again and look at the image below, who do you think is Carmen´s friend? Leave your answer in the message explaining why?

Escucha el audio y di quién es el amigo de Carmen.

In the audio, you have come across adjectives to describe people, and some “funny” verbs like ha dicho (she has said), ha visto (you have seen -formal), that is the Present perfect. You can also find a verb in the future tense: tendrá (he will have-or “be” because he is talking about age) and other past tense estaba (she was).

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