On the table in Spanish -En la mesa- Spanish vocabulary A2

Table in Spanish, learn vocabulary with quizzesTo set a table in Spanish is said (PONER LA MESA). Let’s learn the names of the different objects we can use on a table. First download the pdf sheet, after that practice the vocabulary with our quizzes below. 

Let`s see some words that belong to the same family.  LA MESA can be translated like table and desk. La mesita  is a coffee table, while la mesilla is a bedside table. We can also say, for instance, una mesa de cocina (a kitchen table) or una mesa plegable (a folding table).

Now that you have set the table, why don’t you check the vocabulary related to food?  


Practice the Spanish vocabulary  about objects we need to set a table

Now it’s time to practice everything you have learned, but remember to contact your tutor with any question you have or to ask for more homework. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?

How to set a table in Spanish? 

Everything you have learned above it is going to be very useful to understand this video that will show you how to set a table beautifully. You will find very useful also to review  “las preposiciones de lugar (prepositions of place)”.


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