To shake like a leaf in Spanish: ESTAR COMO UN FLAN

Estar como un flan is one of the most widely used idioms in Spanish, so learn to use it to avoid misunderstandings.


Do you know how to say in Spanish «To shake like a leaf«?

It is said…
Estar (temblar) como un flan.

(To be (shake) like a créme caramel)


 Cuando empezó el examen estaba como un flan. (At the start of the exam I was shaking like a leaf.)

¿Qué te pasa? Estás temblando como un flan. (What happens to you? You are shaking like a leaf.)


It can also be said «estar hecho un flan» or «ponerse como un flan».

Cuando empezó el el examen estaba hecho un flan.

Me puse*  como un flan cuando empezó el examen.

* Probably you have already come across the Spanish verb PONER (to put) many times, it is a very irregular verb, so be careful with poner conjugations, but «ponerse», using it as a reflexive, is one of the ways to say «to become» in Spanish, quite important and useful, don’t you think? Learn more about how the Spanish verb «ponerse» works?

On the other hand, el flan is a typical and delicious Spanish dessert made with milk, eggs, and sugar. By clicking on the link you will see a video on how to prepare it.

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