Vegetables in Spanish -Verduras- Spanish vocabulary A1

Do you know the name of the VEGETABLES IN SPANISH?

Vegetables in Spanish. Learn vocabulary with quizzesTo translate vegetables in Spanish we say «LAS VERDURAS«. In today post we are going to learn their different names in Spanish. I am sure you will find this vocabulary very useful. As you probably already know, students registered in our Premium Service can receive a PDF copy of the sheet just by leaving a message in the comments. After that practice with the quizzes and word games below.  

If you want, you can practice more about this topic in context watching the video «mi receta de gazpacho» (my gazpacho recipe) or learn more vocabulary about «alimentos» (food).

Notice the name of the vegetables can change in the different speaking Spanish countries, although in general, we can understand each other, for example in Mexico they call jitomates to the tomatoes, while in Spanish and most countries it said tomates.

Practice the vocabulary related to vegetables in Spanish with our quizzes

Before start working with the interactive activities, remember you can contact your tutor with any question you have. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?


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