Vídeo: Breakfast in Spanish -EL DESAYUNO-

Breakfast in Spanish is said «el desayuno». Do you like «churros«? Because in this video with subtitles, we are going to see what can you eat for breakfast if you travel to Madrid, and quite important,  where you can do it. You will find all the information below, along with some activities to practice everything you have learned, but first, watch the video a couple of times.

Spanish verb DESAYUNAR

Breakfast in Spanish: chocolate con churrosWe also have verb «desayunar» that means to eat breakfast or have breakfast. Look at the example:

Nada más levantarmae, voy a la cocina a desayunar (As soon as I wake up, I go to the kitchen to eat breakfast).

In Spanish, it doesn’t sound natural to say «como mi desayuno (I eat my breakfast)» instead we simply «desayuno».

You can click on the link to learn more vocabulary regarding «el desayuno».

Breakfast in Spanish quizzes

Now let’s practice what you have seen in the video, with the activities below. Remember you can contact your tutor if you have any questions or you need some help about how to speak about breakfast in Spanish. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?

Dónde desayunar si estás en Madrid

Aquí tienes los vínculos a los lugares que se mencionan en el vídeo, te aconsejo que visites alguno de ellos si estás en Madrid.

También puedes  prepararte un delicioso chocolate con churros en casa para ello, solo necesitaras una churrera y chocolate y ver esta receta para preparar churros.

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