Vídeo: Daily activities in Spanish (A2)

Daily activities in Spanish  (actividades diarias), it is what we are going to learn on this video with quizzes. Let’s start watching the video:

daily activitiesIn this video with subtitles, you are going to see, in context, how to talk about what do you do every day.  Notice the use of después de (after) and antes de (before) + an infinitive. The frequency adverbs are also used, along with the vocabulary regarding daily activities in Spanish. Click on the links with you want to review or learn more about the grammar and vocabulary related to this topic.

Daily routines activities and quizzes

Anyway, remember you can contact your tutor for any questions you have. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?   Click on the link if you want to see the vídeo without subtitles when you finish all your activities.


List of daily routines verbs

Click on the link to have access to a list of verbs regarding daily routines, that you can practice with flashcards. Remember that working with the vocabulary must be one of our main goals when learning any foreign language.

If you want to master this topic, you will benefit from working with the Spanish reflexive pronouns, since many verbs regarding routines are also reflexives.

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