Una familia española: vídeo con subtítulos (A1)

In this video, with subtitles, we are going to meet a Spanish family -UN FAMILIA ESPAÑOLA. It will help you if, before watching the video, you review the name of the different members of the family with our flashcards.

First, watch the video a couple of times, try to repeat as much as you can. Finally, you have some exercises to practice everything you have learned below.

Una familia española

Talking about family members

As you have probably noticed, in Spanish we use verb TENER to say how old we are:

¿Cuántos años tienes? (How old you are?)

Tengo 45 años. (I am 45 years old.)

We also use verb ESTAR to talk about marital status:

Estoy casado/casada. (I am married.)

Estás soltero/soltera. (You are single.)

Está divorcidado/divorciada. (He/she is divorced.)

When talking about family it is also important to know how to use the possessive adjectives.

Mi hermano se llama Juan.

¿Está casada tu hermana?

Su madre tiene 72 años.

Exercises about family in Spanish

Now it is time to practice everything you have learned with our quizzes. Remember to contact your tutor with any questions you have. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor yet?

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