WHAT IS A PREPOSITION? Spanish grammar (A2)

Do you know what a preposition is?

what is a prepositionA preposition is a word or group of words, that is placed before a noun or a pronoun, to show a relationship in a sentence. Prepositions allow us to put variety into sentences, by adding new information about time, direction, location, and ownership. On the other hand, take into account that prepositions do not change form; they are invariable.

 Se ha ido a la estación. (He is gone to the station.): DIRECTION.

El avión llega a la una. (The plane arrives at one o’clock.): TIME.

Tenemos una casa en el campo. (We have a house in the countryside.): LOCATION.

La casa de Ramón. (Ramon’s house.): OWNERSHIP


List of  Spanish prepositions

Here you have a fully Spanish prepositions list. Prepositions can also joint other words to form, what we call in Spanish, locuciones preposicionales or prepositional phrases, to give them a more specific meaning, such a encima de (on the top of), al lado de (next to), alrededor de (around)…

what is a preposition? List of Spanish prepositions

What prepositions express

The following common prepositions show time, direction, and location.

Spanish prepositions

We use some prepositions to express more than one meaning. A and DE are, for example, common Spanish prepositions that we use to express time or direction. Here you have some examples of these prepositions expressing directions. Other prepositions have a more specific meaning like CON (with) or DESDE (from).

Spanish preposition of direction


Prepositional Contractions

A and DE are the only prepositions that are used to form prepositional contractions in Spanish, and they only form a contraction with el.

Spanish prepositions and contractions


Verbs with prepositions

Some  Spanish verbs always need to be used with a specific preposition, which is not always the same one that the English verb required. On the other hand, some English verbs have to be used with prepositions but their Spanish equivalent not. Let’s see the most important.


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