20 most common Spanish verbs with flascards (A1)

Practice 20 most common Spanish verbs

The challenge for next week is going to be to become very confident with these 20  most common Spanish verbs, that are going to be terribly useful in the future. In the cards, we are giving also some references to let you know if these verbs are regular in the present tense or irregular. Remember to practice as much as can with the cards, trying to learn four new verbs every day.

Make sure you have learned the verbs with this mini-test

Answer the questions in this mini-test, if feel you need to review a little more, come back to the flashcards.

Continue working 

Now you know the infinitives (or the name) of the verbs and it is time to learn how they work. In the cards, you have seen some references about if they are irregular and what kind of irregularity they have. So go to the main page of our blog and search for «present tense» and start working with the rule to form these verbs.

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