Grammar workshops

The Spanish grammar workshops deal with specific grammatical topics that, in general, tend to be quite difficult for foreign students of Spanish. Grammar workshops work like our online courses.

Spanish Grammar Workshop online

Spanish grammar workshops.Each workshop is divided into modules that, in turn, are organized into three parts:

  • grammatical explanations with numerous examples,
  • exercises with self-correction (they are presented in two formats: interactive and pdf),
  • a mini-evaluation.

After studying a module, the student must perform the corresponding exercises with self-correction and ask their tutor any questions they have, then complete the mini evaluation and send it to the tutor for correction and comments, and so on with each file. There is also an evaluation at the end of the workshop.

Spanish workshops prizing

The prices of the workshops depend on the number of modules that they include, but they vary between €12 and €60. You will receive a discount if you purchase more than one workshop, if you are doing other courses, or if you are a premium member. Modules can be bought individually and can be completed with individual tutorials.

List of Spanish Grammar Workshops

The list of workshops is constantly updated, we are creating new workshops according to the requests of our students. We encourage you to ask for topics that are of interest to you.

Lista de los talleres de gramática española.

  • Uso de los pronombres personales.
  • Uso de los tiempos del pasado en el indicativo.
  • Usos del subjuntivo.
  • Oraciones de relativo.
  • Oraciones condicionales.
  • Verbos de cambio.
  • Las preposiciones POR y PARA.
  • Los verbos SER y ESTAR.


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