Premium Service

Register for our PREMIUM SERVICE if you like being self-taught, but you think you could use some help with your Spanish. Here you have eight good reasons to become one of our premium students.

1. You will have a personal online tutor, with whom you can contact via email to consult grammar questions, request additional exercises, send especial activities to  be corrected … (discover all the benefits of having a personal tutor).

2. We will do a complete assessment of your Spanish level when you register, including a 30 minute one-to-one lesson via Zoom.

how it will benefit you to have a private Spanish tutor online

3. We will prepare a tailored learning plan.

4. You will have access to premium resources.

5. You will have also access to the mini-assessment.

6. You can participate in our writing workshop for Spanish students completely free.

7. You can join our club de conversación online.

8. You will have a significant discounts if you want to take one of our individual online tutorials.

Premium Services rates

1 month  50$   40€  35£
3 moths120$ 100€  87£
6 months194$ 160€140£
1 year290$ 240€210£

Don’t hesitate to  contat us  if you have any question about our PREMIUM SERVICE.

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