Free Spanish podcasts for beginners

Working on your listening skill is one of the most important and complete activities you can do to improve your Spanish.

Here you can see the list of the  FREE SPANISH PODCASTS for beginners students that we’ve published so far. They all include comprehension exercises, as well as their key answers and the transcription of the audio. We have also added links to grammar and vocabulary topics regarding each of them.

List of free Spanish podcast

Why to learn Spanish with podcasts

It is evident that the more you listen to the Spanish podcast, the more you will improve your listening skills and your pronunciation. You will also increase your vocabulary and you will be able to see the grammar in context.

By listening to podcasts in Spanish you will improve your ability to understand the language in a much more natural way. You will understand much better how a native uses the language, such as the structure of this language and the different tones to mean different words or different messages.

How to improve your listening skill and fluency

Our free Spanish podcasts for beginners are carefully chosen so you can start using them from the very first day of your course. Choose one according to your Spanish level and follow the instructions on each activity. Just click on the name or the «read more» link and start mastering your Spanish. Remember, we are adding new podcasts regularly, so do not forget to subscribe.

Finally, if you really want to improve your listening skills, why don’t you try our videos with subtitles?.

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