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Looking for a native Spanish tutor in the area where you live but having problems to find a good professional with experience? Do you have any questions about your Spanish, but you must wait until your next lesson? All the teachers you find are very expensive?

We have a possible solution to all these problems. A personal Spanish tutor online!

How to hire a native Spanish tutor

At the time you enroll in one of our courses or register as a premium student (check advantages and fees), you will be assigned a native  Spanish tutor. This is one of the great advantages and innovations of our system since you will always have by your side a professional of flesh and bone (no a machine) to help you during your studies, with the best value for money.

how it will benefit you to have a private Spanish tutor online

How a private online tutor will help you to learn Spanish

Let’s see how it will benefit you to have a personal Spanish tutor online to learn or improve your Spanish:

1. You can contact me by email, with any questions you have 24/7, about the topics in our posts or your learning plan. You will have your answer within 24 hours.

2. I will also correct for you, the free exercises that we suggest regularly on our blog.

3. I will provide you with extra resources about specific topics when you feel you need some extra work.

4. I will make an assessment of your Spanish level when you register and when you decide to leave us. This way you will be able to check your progress which will also be reflected in the certificate of studies you will receive.

5. I will recommend a learning plan tailored to your needs, level, and goals.

6. Every week I will send you by email your lesson, according to your learning plan.

7. I will tailor your course to adapt it to you. We can even combine several courses to create one more specific to your needs.

8. I will monitor all of your progress. I will encourage and support you throughout your learning process.

Why to choose one of our Online Spanish tutors

In LEARN SPANISH NOW we recognize the importance of providing our students with Spanish teachers of the highest quality and professionalism. Therefore, all members of our team are carefully selected according to their area of expertise and experience, and must meet the following requirements:

  • Have Spanish as your mother tongue.
  • Have a university degree or equivalent, preferably with a postgraduate qualification or a certificate that accredits you to teach Spanish as a foreign language.
  • Have at least two years of experience teaching Spanish, preferably having personal experience or training in online teaching (eLearning).
  • Prove its ability to offer Spanish classes in an effective and enjoyable manner, training students of different nationalities, ages, and backgrounds.
  • Have the flexibility to adapt the teaching methods to each student and ability to offer constructive comments about their progress and needs.
  • Have an enthusiastic and dynamic teaching style.

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  1. I am A1 level Spanish and I would like to find out more information about the tutoring you offer. I am interested in 1 or 2 skype sessions per week to help me develop my listening comprehension and conversation skills.

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