Spanish for beginners

It does not matter if you have never studied Spanish before, where you live, your age or what you need Spanish for. In learn Spanish now online you have everything  you need to start speaking Spanish. We have organized the resources in 10 useful lessons, each one dedicated to a especific  topic, as you can see on the right.

Each lesson comprises fully grammar explanations, vocabulary, podcasts or videos and quizzes. To complete each lesson requires an average of eight hours of self study.

You can start right now, just click on the link of the topic you want to study. It is FREE ACCESS!

Extra help for your "free Spanish course"

  • (*) Some of the lessons have a writing activity. If you want one of our tutors to correct them, you must register to the premium service, and send your text to [email protected].
  • If you are struggling with a grammar issue, you can request an individual tutoring to consult your questions with a teacher. The tutor will also provide you with extra exercises on the subject, contact as a [email protected], to learn more.


  • Learning grammar and vocabulary is fine, but you need to practice your speaking skill, for that we offer you the possibility of participating in Spanish conversation classes for beginners, individually or in a small group.

Free Spanish course for beginners: topics

01 Greetings and introduce yourself

02 Giving personal information

03 Talk about family and friends. Describe people

04 Describe your house

05 What do you like to do, using “GUSTAR”

06 Routines, how often we do things

07 The city: moving around. The weather

08 In the restaurant

09 In the doctor: talking about health

10 What we did last weekend: PRETERITE

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