Infographics with Spanish Vocabulary

We present you with more than 40  beautiful infographics with Spanish vocabulary that will help you to increase your range of Spanish words. Each of these sheets is accompanied by interactive exercises and word games so you can practice and memorize each word easily.

As you can see below, we have organized the infographics by topic to make it easier for you to find them, simply click on the name of the topic to display all of them. We are adding new sheets regularly!

Infographics with Spanish Vocabulary

A free copy infographics with Spanish vocabulary

All our students registered in our premium service can get a copy of the infographics just by leaving a message in the comments 😆 

Para profes de ELE

Si te gustan, no dudes en compartir nuestras infografías con tus alumnos. También puedes visitar nuestro blog para profes de ELE, donde encontrarás más ideas para tus clases de español.

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