Estar todavía en pañales (to be wet behind the ears)

To be wet behind the ears in Spanish is said "estar todavía en pañales"

Do you know how to say in Spanish “to be wet behind the ears

It is said…

Estar todavía en pañales

(to be still in nappies)


Jaime es demasiado joven para aceptar un trabajo como ese ¡Está todavía en pañales!  (Jaime’s too young to take on a job like this. He’s still wet behind the ears!).

¡Qué gracia! ¿Tú me vas a dar consejos a mí sobre mujeres? ¡Pero si estás todavía en pañales! (That’s a laugh, you, trying to give me advice about women when you are still wet behind the ears).


Understanding and knowing how to use idiomatic expressions is very important. Why don’t you make a sentence and leave it in the comments? We will correct it for you. You can also contact your tutor with any questions you have about this idiom. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor yet?

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