How to use POR, PARA and PORQUE. Basic Spanish Grammar (A2)

Today we are going to learn how to use POR, PARA and PORQUE. The three of them can be used to explain the reason to do something and it is not always easy to know which one to use.  Here you have a video, in which Jordi, a Spanish teacher living in London, is going to explain how to do it.

It is also important not to mistake PORQUE (because) with POR QUÉ (why):

– ÂżPor quĂ© no viniste a la fiesta? (Why you didn’t come to the party?)

– Porque estaba muy cansada (Because I was very tired).

Also, you can click on the link to learn more about the differences between Spanish prepositions POR and PARA. A topic that is especially difficult for students of Spanish as a foreign language.

POR, PARA and PORQUE exercises and practice

Time to practice what you have learned with some activities. Remember you can contact your tutor if you have any questions about this topic or if you want more exercises to practice. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor yet?

¿Quieres saber más sobre las diferencias entre PORQUÉ, PORQUE, POR QUÉ, POR QUE? Es más fácil de lo que parece, solo tendrás que seguir unas simples reglas y prestar mucha atención.

Por para and porque

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