Me encantaría (I would like): Spanish grammar A2

Me encantaría (ir al cine) means I would love to (go to the movies). Literally, “It would enchant me (to go to the movies)” or “Going to the movies would enchant me”. The subject of this sentence is ir al cine, and when an infinitive such as ir is used as a subject, it is considered singular; therefore, the main verb, encantaría, has a singular conjugation. Note the difference between Me encanta and me encantaría.

Me encanta ver películas (I love watching movies/I love to watch movies).

Me encantaría ver una película (I would love to watch a movie).

Encantaría is the conjugation of the conditional tense (learn more about el condicional simple).

Remember that both people and objects can encantar, but you can amar only people you know.

Me encantan las telenovelas (I love soap operas).

Me encanta el protagonista (I love the main actor).

Amo a mi esposo (I love my husband).

Querer can also mean to love – in the sense of “to care about”- as you would say this to a member of your family or a good friend as to a boyfriend, girlfriend, or spouse. Te quiero doesn’t mean I want you. Physical attraction is better expressed by the verb gustar.

A Charlie le gusta Sofia (Charlie has a crush on Sofia/He likes Sofia).

Es mi mejor amiga y la quiero mucho (She is my best friend and I like her a lot).

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