Spanish demonstrative adjectives (A1)

Spanish demonstrative adjectives –adjetivos demostrativos are listed in the grid below, Like in any other language, they are used to modify a noun so that we know which specific person, place, or thing is mentioned and how close is to us. When I say «Este libro» I mean this specific book that is close to me (to the person speaking) not any other.

Learn to use the Spanish demonstrative adjectives

Demonstrative adjectives in Spanish vs in English

Whereas English has two demonstrative adjectives. this and that, Spanish has three: este this, ese that and aquel which also means that but which conveys the sense of something further away that ese. Ese (etc.) refers to something near the listener but removed from the speaker, whereas aquel (etc.) refers to something far from both the speaker and listener. 

Me gustaría comprar este cuadro (I would like to buy this painting, the painting is near to me).

Me gustaría comprar ese cuadro (I would like to buy that painting, the painting is nearer the shop assistant than me).

Me gustaría comprar aquel cuadro (I would like to buy that painting over there, the painting is not near the shop assistant or me).

They’re adjectives, used with a noun, and like other adjectives, they have feminine and plural forms to agree with that noun. Notice that:

1. they go in front of the noun they describe

Esta casa fue construída por mi  abuelo (This house was built by my grandfather).

2. change their ending to agree with that noun in gender a number

¡Qué bonita es esta casa! (How lovely this house is!).

En aquellos tiempos trabajaba en una oficina (On those days I used to work in an office).

3. must be used which each noun in a list

¿Puedes darme ese abrigo y ese paraguas, por favor? (Could you give me that coat and umbrella?

Spanish demonstrative adjectives in context

You can learn more about the Spanish demonstrative adjectives in context by watching this video.

Adjectives demonstratives exercises and practice

Now, let’s practice everything that you have learned with the quiz belowRemember you can contact your tutor for any question you have about adjectives demonstratives in Spanish.  Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?

Now that you have mastered demonstrative adjectives, it is time to start working with demonstrative pronouns.


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