20 verbs ending in -AR with Spanish flashcards (A1)

Today’s goal is to learn 20 infinitives of Spanish verbs ending in -AR with English-Spanish flashcards, they are all regulars in all the tenses! Click on the card to see the translation and in the arrow to move to another card. Remember to play as much as you can until you feel confident with the meaning of each of them.

Test your knowledge of these 20 Spanish verbs in English

If you have practiced enough with the cards, now you must know the meaning of the 20 Spanish verbs in -ar of the activity above. So let`s do a quick test! Go back to the flashcards if you think you need to work a little more. Notice that the test can be printed.

How to conjugate the Spanish verbs ending in -AR

Now that you know the infinitive of all the 20 verbs, it is time to practice how to form the different tenses. Below you can see the conjugation of  Spanish verb cantar (to sing) in the indicative mood tense,  that you can use as an example for the rest of them. To begin we will see how to conjugate the verbs ending in -ar in the present tense, just click on the link. After that, you can see the preterite conjugation, for instance.

Learn 20 Spanish verbs in -AR with flashcards

Remember to contact your tutor if you have any question or you need more activities to practice. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor yet? 

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