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Learn vocabulary using Spanish English flashcards

Most of our students have always complained about how many words they must learn and how difficult it is. To overcome this problem, we have designed the 20 new Spanish words challenge.

Every Friday we publish a list of 20 new words in Spanish (carefully chosen among the most frequently used words in Spanish) so that you can learn little by little during the following week English-Spanish flashcards. You can study from your smartphone, tablet, computer or any other device of your choice, while you are running, commuting, driving, doing housework…

We advise you to study four words, every day, for about five minutes, although you must set your own goals according to your circumstances. Once you have studied the 20 words, you can take a review test to make sure you know all of them (watch a demonstration video to get the most out of this activity).

How many words do you need to speak Spanish?

If you are constant, in a year you will have increased your vocabulary by more than 1000 words. Notice that according to experts from Cambridge University, if you learn only 800 of the words that appear in day-to-day use in a language, you’ll be able to understand 75% of the language as it is spoken in normal life. That is why is so important to choose carefully the vocabulary we are going to learn.

Why use our Spanish flash cards?

Experts agree that flashcards are one of the most effective ways to learn vocabulary not only for adults but also for children. Our Spanish flash cards have the added value that they have audio, so you can also listen to words and practice the pronunciation, but there are many ways to learn vocabulary you need to discover what it is the best for you, or even combine a couple of them.

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