Spanish verbs followed by preposition A

In Spanish, many verbs must be followed by a preposition, which may or may not correspond to the preposition (if any) used in English. The following is a list of some Spanish verbs which require “a” when followed by another verb.

acercarse ato approach
acostumbrarse ato be/get used to
aprender ato learn to
atreverse ato dare to
ayudar ato help
comenzar ato begin to
comprometerse ato undertake to
dedicarse ato devote oneself to
disponerse ato get ready to
empezar ato begin to
enseñar ato teach to, show how to
invitar ato invite to
ir ato be going to
llegar ato manage to, succeed in, end up
llegar a serto become
llevar ato lead to
negarse ato refuse to
obligar ato force, compel to
ponerse ato begin to, set about
prepararse ato get ready to
renunciar ato renounce
resignarse ato resign oneself to
resistirse ato resist
tender ato tend to
volver ato do something again


Spanish verbs followed by preposition A

List of Spanish verbs followed by preposition A

Above you have seen the most common Spanish verbs followed by preposition A, when are used along with another verb. Notice that sometimes this preposition is not translated into English.

Empezó a estudiar idiomas muy joven (He started studying languages very young).

Estos verbos te ayudarán a mejorar tu español (These verbs will help you improve your Spanish).

Practice as much as you can to memorize these verbs and don’t mistake them with the use of the personal preposition A.

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