Structure of Spanish sentences with two verbs

Knowing how to order the different elements of a sentence in Spanish to express ourselves with coherence. Help our interlocutors to easily understand us is really important.

That is why in this unit we are going to discover an easy way to create the structure of sentences in Spanish when they have two verbs and a personal pronoun.

First steps in the structure of the Spanish sentences

Take note of the advice given by Dr. Danny Evans, for the video whenever you need them and, above all, repeat the examples mentioned several times out loud

Spanish grammar structures with two verbs: LAS PERÍFRASIS

In Spanish there are many grammar structures that contains two verbs, which work as Dr Evans has explained in the previous video.

Quiero comprar una casa (I want to buy a house).

Tengo que leer este libro (I have to read this book).

Necesito ahorrar más dinero (I need to save  more money).

Prefiero vivir en una ciudad (I prefer to live in a city).

Debo terminar el trabajo antes de las cinco (I must finish  this work by 5 o’clock)

Espero comprar una casa este años (I hope to buy a house this year).

This grammar structures are called verb periphrases, and you can click on the  link to learn more about this interesting and useful topic.  I am sure you will also find useful to review the Spanish direct object pronouns, which you can see on the image on the right.

Review everything and leave us a message below if you have any questions about this topic.

Structure of Spanish sentences with two verbs and direct object pronouns

By the end of the week, you will have some quizzes to check what you have learned about the structure of Spanish sentences with two verbs, and, after that we will continue with the second part of the lesson ¡Hasta pronto!



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