12 ways to say «I love you» in Spanish (A2)

I love you in Spanish: te quieroToday is Valentine’s Day and everything is full of love, but you are sure to know how to say «I love you» in Spanish? Here you have 12 different ways from all our heart.

Hoy es San Valentín y todo se llena de amor pero, ¿estás seguro de saber como decir «I love you» in Spanish? Aquí tienes 12 maneras diferentes de hacerlo de todo corazón.

12 ways to say I love you in Spanish


  1. Te amo (I love you)
  2. Te quiero (I love you –  A bit more casual, and you can also use it with family and friends)
  3. Te adoro (I adore you)
  4. Eres el amor de mi vida (you’re the love of my life)
  5. Eres mi media naranja (You are my soul mate)
  6. Te quiero con todo mi corazón (I love you with all my heart)
  7. Te quiero con locura (I love you in a crazy way)
  8. Estoy loco/a por ti (I’m crazy about you)
  9. Me vuelves loco/a (you drive me crazy)
  10. Significas mucho para mí (You mean so much to me).
  11. Me gustas (I like you – A good way to start)
  12. Me importas mucho (I care very much about you)


And now some ways to say «darling» in Spanish – Y ahora algunas maneras de decir «darling» en español: cariño, cielo, tesoro, amor, vida, corazón…

Do you think you can say «I love you» in Spanish to someone? – ¿Crees que puedes decir «I love you» en español a alguien? Leave some others that you like to use or know in the comments, and don’t forget to ask your tutor any question you have about this topic (remember to be careful when using the pronouns). Don’t you have a Spanish tutor yet?


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