CHRISTMAS in Spanish: basic vocabulary (A2)

Christmas in Spanish, let's learn Spanish vocabulary.It is the perfect moment to learn vocabulary related to Christmas in Spanish: LA NAVIDAD. First, click on the link or in the image to download the vocabulary sheet. Even better, leave as a message and we will send to you the pdf sheet.

Work with the vocabulary and after that practice what you have learned with the quizzes below. Finally, you have a video in which you will learn more vocabulary about Christmas day: El día de Navidad. Remember you can contact your tutor with any questions you have. Don´t you have an online Spanish tutor yet?

¡Feliz Navidad! (Merry Christmas in Spanish)

Now you can see the vocabulary we have learned before in this video with subtitles. Notices the pronunciation of the words.

After watching the video a couple of times do the quizzes below to practice what you have learned. In the video, the turrón El Almendro commercial is mentioned. Click here to watch one of them.

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