The name of nuts in Spanish

Today we present you an activity to learn the name of some NUTS in Spanish. Click on the symbol on each image to see their name, when you are ready, click on the «play button» to start the game and identify them

Nuts in Spanish a Map Game

In this activity, you will not only see the name of the nuts in Spanish, but you will also hear them, which will help you improve your listening skills. Don’t forget to repeat them out loud several times to improve your pronunciation.

I hope you have enjoyed this activity, maps games (mapas interactivos) are probably my favorite activities. Click on the link the see more activities like this, and let me know in the comments below what you think.

Double check the vocabulary

Sometimes vocabulary can change depending on the country, so don’t hesitate to check a dictionary if you are not sure about a word, it will give you extra information, such as the gender and type of word, the pronunciation, examples, and even verb conjugation.

The name of NUTS in Spanish, learn Spanish vocabulary online

Nuts are full of fiber (fibra), healthy fats (grasas saludables), and protein (proteinas), so it will be fantastic if you eat a few of them every day, which could help you to feel numerous health benefits. So, learning the name of the nuts in Spanish, «los frutos secos» as we call them in Spanish, will be quite useful when you are traveling in a Spanish-speaking country.

We have also a crossword with the name of nuts in Spanish, click on the links if you practice a little more and check your spelling skills.

Remember to write to your tutor if you have any questions about everything you have seen in this lesson. Don’t you have a personal online Spanish tutor yet?  We are looking forward to hearing from you!

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