Irregular yo verbs in the present tense

Some verbs are irregular in the first person singular (yo) of the present tense, while the rest of the persons are regular (review the conjugation of the regular verb). These irregulars are very important because these verbs are very commons and the changes very dramatic.

List of irregular verbs in the first person

Irregular verbs in the first person singular (yo)

(*) Notice that all the verbs ending in -ucir, -ocer and -ecer are irregulars in the same way.

There are other four verbs with -go in the first person, but they have more irregularities.

Spanish irregular verbs

Spelling changes in the first person

A number of verbs, not considered irregular, undergo changes in the written form of the stem. The following examples illustrate spelling changes affecting some present tense forms, but note that the spelling changes also occur in the other tenses: Seguir (to follow) sigo; vencer (to conquer) venzo, coger (to catch) cojo

Finally, verbs derived from all these verbs have the same sort of irregularities: Deshacer (to undo) deshago; imponer (to impose) impongo; reconocer (to recognise) reconozco


First person irregular verbs exercises

Now practice what you have learned with this crossword, and remember to contact your tutor if you have any question about irregular verbs in Spanish. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor yet?

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