Jungle animals in Spanish – Los animales de la selva

Do you like animals? Today we are going to learn the name of some animals that live in the jungle “la selva”. We will discover how to make the feminine of these animals and, finally, we will practice everything we have learned with some exercises and interactive games.

As you can see, on the right you have an infographic with the names of fifteen jungle animals. Leave us a message in the comments if you want to receive a pdf copy in your email. Once you have the copy, you can learn this vocabulary regarding jungle animals in Spanish: Los animales de la selva en español.

jungle animals in Spanish

The gender of jungle animals in Spanish

In the infographic above, the animals of the jungle appear with the masculine gender. That is, they identify the male of their species.

A few of these animals follow the general grammar rule (see the rule about the gender of words):

  • El elefante: la elefanta
  • El leĂłn: La leona
  • El mono: la mona

Some animals may have an irregular feminine, such as:

  • El tigre: la tigresa

Some animals have a single grammatical gender that will designate both sexes. To distinguish one from another, a modifier must be added, the word “macho” (male) or “hembra” (female). In the infographic we have quite a few examples:

  • El cocodrilo macho: el cocodrilo hembra.
  • La tortuga macho: la tortuga hembra.
  • La jirafa macho: la jirafa hembra.
  • La pantera macho: La pantera hembra.
  • La cebra macho: la cebra hembra.
  • El hipopĂłtamo macho: El hipopĂłtamo hembra.

Click on the link to learn more about the gender of animals.

Practice the vocabulary related jungle animals

Now it is time we practice everything we have learned with some activities and word games. Don’t forget to contact your tutor if you have any questions. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor online yet?

On the other hand, if you have children at home learning Spanish, click on this link to access a very useful video about vocabulary for children about animals.

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