Musical Instruments in Spanish – LOS INSTRUMENTOS MUSICALES (A2)

Musical instruments and musicians in Spanish

Do you like music? Because today we are going to learn Spanish vocabulary related to this topic. Let’s see the names of musical instruments in Spanish and musicians. 

First, download the sheet to the right to study the vocabulary, you can leave us a message if you want us to send you a pdf copy of the sheet.

Then you can practice this vocabulary with the interactive exercises that you will find below. Go to the quizzes.

In Spanish, we use the verb «tocar» to say to play a musical instrument.

Carlos toca la guitarra muy bien (Carlos plays the guitar quite well).

Me gustaría aprender a tocar el piano (I would like to learn to play the piano).



Musical instruments in Spanish

Do not mistake the verb «tocar» with the verb «jugar« which means to play sports:

Carlos juega al fútbol muy bien (Carlos plays football quite well).

Me gustaría aprender a jugar al golf (I would like to learn to play golf).

Click here to see verb jugar conjugation. You can also learn the vocabulary related to sports in Spanish.

Be careful with the word «conductor» is a false friend. «Conductor» means «driver» in English. While «conductor» in Spanish is said «director de orquesta».

Musical Instruments Spanish vocabulary
El director de orquesta
Spanish English False friends
El conductor de autobús

Practice vocabulary related to music in Spanish

Now it is time to practice the vocabulary related to musical instruments in Spanish that you have learned with our quizzes. Remember to contact your tutor if you have any questions. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor yet?

Vocabulario en contexto sobre música

Aquí tienes un vídeo, donde podrás repasar el nombre de los instrumentos musicales en español y otras palabras relacionadas con la música. Te va ayudar a aumentar tu vocabulario y ver como se pronuncia cada instrumento de música, así que repítelos cuando los escuches.

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