Nature in Spanish -La Naturaleza- Spanish vocabulary A2

Do you know how to speak about NATURE IN SPANISH?

Nature in Spanish. Learn vocabulary with quizzes Nature in Spanish is said    «LA NATURALEZA«. Here you have more  Spanish vocabulary related to nature. First, if you want a copy of the pdf sheet, just leave us a message in the comments and we will send it to you, and when you are more familiar with the vocabulary practice what you have learned with the quizzes below.

To learn more about this topic, you can also listen to the podcast «las estaciones (the seasons)» or learn more vocabulary about «los insectos (insects)«, just click on the links again to get to these lessons.

Practice the  Spanish vocabulary about «nature» with our interactive activities

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Spanish to English list of words related to NATURE

Archipielago (m) Archipelago Archipel Archipel Arcipelago
Bahía (f) Bay Baie Bucht Vaia
Cabo (m) Cape Cap Kap Capo
Cima (f) Summit Sommet Gipfel Cima
Colina (f) Hill Colline Hügel Collina
Cordillera (f) Mountain range Chaine de montagenes Gebirgskette Catena montuosa
Desierto (m) Desert Désert Wüste Deserto
Estrecho (m) Strait Détroit Meerenge Stretto
Estuario (m) Estuary Estuaire Flussmündung Estuario
Glaciar (m) Glacier Glacier Gietscher Ghiacciaio
Golfo (m) Gulf Golfe Golf Golfo
Isla (f) Island Ile Insel Isola
Lago (m) Lake Lac See Lago
Mapa  físico (m) Physical map Carte Physique Physische Karte Carta fisica
Mar (m) Sea Mer Meer Mare
Meseta (f) Plateau Plateau Plateau Altipiano
Montaña (f) Mountain Montagne Berg Montagna
Oceáno (m) Ocean Océan Ozean Oceano
Península (f) Peninsula Péninsule Haibinsel Peninsola
Río (m) River Fleuve Fluss Fiume
Valle (m) Valley Vallée Tal Valle
Volcán (m) Volcano Volcan Vulkan Vulcano
Arroyo (m) Brook Ruisseau Bach Ruscello
Llanura (f) Plain Plaine Flachland Pianura
Cascada (f) Waterfall Chute d’eau Waserfall Cascata


NATURALEZA (nature) vocabulary in Spanish (A2)

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