Numbers from 0 to 19 in Spanish with flashcards (A1)

Practice numbers from 0 – 19 in Spanish

Our today challenge is going to be quite easy but terribly important, we are going to work with numbers from 0 to 19. Remember to practice as much as you can and repeat after each audio. Pay special attention to numbers with diphthongs, such as seis, siete, nueve…

Make sure you have learned the numbers with this mini-test

Answer the questions in this mini-test, if feel you need to review a little more, come back to the flashcards.

Learn more numbers in Spanish

Now you now well numbers from 0 to 19Click on the link if you want to continue working with more Spanish numbers, even to download a pdf sheet. There is also this video, especial for English speakers, that you can find useful  (Give me your opinion, I always try to find the best free resources online for you).  Finally, and most important, remember to contact your tutor if you have any questions about numbers in Spanish. Don’t you have a Spanish tutor yet?

Learn numbers from 0-19 in Spanish




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