Spanish level test A1 – Beginner

Take our free SPANISH level test A1 and start finding out your Spanish level right now

Click on COMENZAR to begin the test and answer each of the 18 questions carefully. Don’t guess, if you are not sure about the answer just mark «no sé». If you get a good result (around 80%),   try the Spanish level test A2. When you finish it, you will know what level you are in  Spanish grammar. Please, be aware that this is only a quick test and cannot be used as a proof or your level for any purpose, but it will help you to decide your goals and to choose the best resources or courses according to your level.

How to get a more accurate Spanish level exam A1

If you register in any of our courses or in our PREMIUM SERVICE, we will do a more accurate exam, testing all the skills. For those looking for something more formal. you have the option of taking an official examination.

I have done the Spanish level test A1, what next

If you get a mark over 80% means you have accomplished the A1 level,  now you can use very simple expressions and talk about yourself in a basic way, but you need the other person to talk you slowly to understand. You can try the Spanish level test A2 to get a more accurate result. If your mark is between 60 and 79% you need a revision before to move to the next level. Look at the answers you have failed in the test and work more on this topic. If your score is under 59%  you need a more general revision of the topics on this level.   Go to CATEGORIES on the right side, click on A1 level and find all the resources we have for your level or do the same in the menu «CHOOSE RESOURCES«.  It will be very helpful and cheaper than you think to have a personal Spanish tutor online that will help you to choose the best material for your level and will answer all your questions. Keep the good work and very soon you will move to the A2 level.

Contact us if you need help about how to read your result or what to study.

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