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Spanish podcasts

Listening Spanish podcasts are one of the best ways to learn or improve your Spanish. You can listen to native Spanish speakers, as many times as you want, from your smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer, while you are doing other things (running, driving, working in the house, gardening…)

With podcasts, you will be able not only to practice your listening skills but also to increase your vocabulary, learn new grammar structures and improve your speaking skills and pronunciation by repeating what you hear. We have podcasts for beginners,  for intermediate students and Spanish podcasts news. Finally, do you want to know more ways to improve your listening skills?Spanish podcasts learning

Spanish podcast for beginners and lower intermediate (A1-A2)

Do you think you cannot learn Spanish with podcasts because they are too complicated for you? In this section, we are going to prove you wrong. Here you podcast about very basic familiar topics, they all have transcriptions, activities with keys, vocabulary and grammar tips.

005 Saludos y presentaciones

Greetings and introduce oneself.

009 La casa

Describe a house. 

011 La rutina diaria

Daily routine says what we do every day, using the present tense.

016 En el restaurante

Ask for food in a restaurant.

017 El amigo de Carmen

Describe people, using ser, estar and tener.

018 El cuerpo humano

Talk about body parts and what they are used for.

020 Esta es mi familia

Describe your family, using possessives.

028 Recuerdos de la infancia

 Talk about how our life used to be using the imperfect tense.

038 ¿Cómo es tu barrio?

 Describe a neighborhood or a city, using ser, estar and hay.

041 Direcciones

Explain how to get to a place.

042 Un día en la selva

Describe a trip at the jungle using the present perfect.

048 Este verano salud

Some pieces of advice for a healthy summer using the imperative.

051 Números


053 ¿Qué le gusta?Questions and answers about what people like.

Podcast en español con noticias de actualidad  (desde Nivel B1)

Podcasts sobre noticias de actualidad.

Traiciones (4-03-2019)Los golpes bajos en la campaña electoral española.
Millones de expertos en derecho penal (12-02-2019)Se inicia el juicio por intento independentista en Cataluña.
Venezuela, guerra caliente o fría (o4-02-2019)La crisis de Venezuela y la posibilidad de derramamiento de  sangre en el país caribeño.
El peor rival de los taxistas (22-01-2019)La guerra abierta entre los taxistas españoles  UBER y CABIFY.


More ways to improve listening skills apart from podcasts in Spanish

Watching videos and listening to music in Spanish it will be a great way to improve your listening skills too. You will also find very useful to read short Spanish stories with audios, here you have just some examples. Don’t hesitate to let us know if you have any question.

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