Weather in Spanish -Tiempo atmosférico- Spanish vocabulary A2

Do you know how to talk about WEATHER IN SPANISH?

Weather in Spanish. Vocabulary quizzesWeather in Spanish is translated as EL TIEMPO ATMOSFÉRICO o EL CLIMA. Today we are going to study some vocabulary regarding this important a useful topic. First download the pdf sheet, after that practice the vocabulary with our quizzes below. 

Notice that is quite normal to use in Spanish verb HACER (to do or make), to talk about the weather: hace frío, hace sol, hace viento... It is a very irregular verb so it will be good to review verb HACER conjugation.  Another important thing is to know the differences between muy and mucho: hace mucho calor, está muy nublado… Click in the link if you want to know more. Finally, you can  see the vocabulary in context watching the video “¿Dónde hace buen tiempo?


More tips to speak about climate in Spanish

  • The translation into English of EL TIEMPO can be “weather” or “time”. To avoid misunderstood we say:

¿Qué tiempo hace en Madrid? (What’s the weather in Madrid?)

¿Qué hora es? (What time is it?)

  • EL CIELO can also be translated as the sky, heaven, and even darling.
  • Do you know how to say to rain cats and dogs in Spanish?
  • If you have seen the vocabulary above, sure you already know how to use nublado (cloudy) or nube (cloud). We have two idiomatic expressions that can be confusing: Estar en las nubes is used to describe someone that is a little lost in thought, while is something está por las nubes, means that is very expensive.

Practice weather vocabulary in Spanish with our quizzes.

Now it is time you practice everything you have learned with the exercises below, but don’t forget to contact your tutor with any question you have or to ask for more homework. Don’t you have a Spanish personal tutor yet?


El tiempo atmosférico, el clima, llueve, nieva, hace frío, hace calor, hace sol, está nublado, tormenta, nube,

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  • el octubre 12, 2018 a las 4:51 pm

    Me encanta el cartel del tiempo atmosférico pero no estoy de acuerdo con la foto para el huracán. En los EE.UU. la foto que tiene representa un tornado. El huracán es algo muy diferente, ¿Puede cambiar la foto o las palabras? Hay tornado ¿quiza? Gracias por su atención.

    • el octubre 14, 2018 a las 2:31 pm

      Gracias, Terry lo haremos. Por favor, sigue enviando sugerencias. Un abrazo.


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