Winter Clothes in Spanish – Ropa de Invierno

We are in December and in the northern hemisphere is very cold. So, what do you think if we go over the name of winter clothes in Spanish – la ropa de invierno or ropa de abrigo.

Review the vocabulary with the infographic to the right. Leave us a comment in the messages if you want a pdf copy of the infographic.

Once you feel confident with this vocabulary, you can practice the name of the winter clothing with the quizzes below.

Before we are going to see some grammar tips and some extra vocabulary.

Spanish clothes in Spanish

Winter clothes to wrap up

You’ve already seen the word «el abrigo (coat)». In Spanish, we have a related verb «abrigarse (to wrap up)» and one adjective «abrigado (wrapped up)»:

Nos abrigamos antes de salir de casa (We wrapped ourselves up before leaving the house).

Los niños iban abrigados con anoraks (the children were wrapped up with anoraks).

Words with irregular plural

Trousers in Spanish can be translated with a singular word (pantalón) o plural (pantalones), pay attention to the agreements:

Me he comprado unos pantalones rojos/Me he comprado un pantalón rojo (I have bought a red trousers for me).

El paraguas (umbrella) is masculine and singular, despite its ending, the plural is invariable:

Mi paraguas es rojo (My umbrella is red).

Los paraguas son rojos (The umbrellas are red).

The following  words are also irregular in their plural:

Un jersey = dos jerséis

Un cárdigan = dos cárdigan

Un anorak = dos anoraks

Winter clothes exercises

Here you have three word games to practice the name of winter clothes in Spanish. Click on the link if you want to see more infographics

En la lección de hoy tenemos vocabulario relacionado con la ropa de invierno, que será muy útil en un mes tan frío como enero. No te olvides de dejarnos un mensaje en los comentarios, si quieres recibir una copia en pdf de la infografía.

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